Idea Drop's reporting tools allow Organisation Admins to cut a slice the data to spot trends, uncover key metrics and track innovation in real-time.

You are able to run two forms of report with Idea Drop:

  • Ideas Report
  • User Report

Within an Ideas Report, it's possible to filter by a number of pre-defined options:

  • Rating: High to low
  • User: Search and select multiple or individual users, or leave blank to include the entire organsiation
  • Group: Select multiple groupsĀ 
  • Category: Select one or multiple categories to display ideas attached to those categories, or leave blank to include all
  • Hashtags: Select through the trending tags, created throughout the orgnaisation
  • Status: The status of ideas, as defined by Organisation Admins

Once you have selected your desired filters, the report will update in realtime. You then have the option to export the report as a .csv file, to analyse and dissect the data further.

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