What is Idea Drop?
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For most organisations, the process of gathering, organising and executing new ideas is generally costly and time consuming. Regardless of size or sector, ideation processes typically happen from the top down, with those highest paid and most senior usually sharing, validating and actioning the most ideas. Where there are existing ideation initiatives in place, such as intranets, suggestion boxes or annual staff surveys, these tend to be siloed and prevent collaborative, transparent and bottom-up innovation unfolding. 

Idea Drop delivers a simple but powerful cloud-based solution for organisations to capture, curate and action the best ideas from their people. Via an intelligent ranking algorithm, the platform also automates the curation process, by scoring every idea in real-time based on social signals and interactions. 

This enables the most promising and exciting ideas to organically bubble to the surface for the attention of managers and decision-makers faster. Out-of-the-box social tools also make it easy for colleagues to collaborate, enrich and validate ideas. Other key features include individual innovation scores, challenges, reports, search, analytics and idea cloaking.

Discover me about the features, tools and benefits of Idea Drop here.

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