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Posting an idea
How do I post an idea?
How do I post an idea?
Posting an idea
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Dropping an idea is as fast as posting a tweet or updating your Facebook status. Hit the 'Drop idea' button in the top of your feed:

Give your idea a title

Keep it punchy and make it as concise as possible. Try to sum up your idea in one line, if you can. Good titles make others more likely to interact and engage with your idea.

Describe your idea

Summarise your idea as simply as possible so others in your community will quickly understand it. Idea descriptions are always character limited, and the character countdown updates as you type.

You can also @mention other people in ideas.

Add optional images & attachments

Browse and upload images and attachments to support and enrich your idea. You can upload JPEGs, PNGs, MS DOCs and PDFs (maximum limit of 10mb per file). These will attach to your idea and be visible by your community.

Add optional tags

Tags help you and others track ideas around similar topics and themes. You can add #hashtags directly in the idea description, or separately via the tags drop down. You can add multiple tags by hitting the tab button.

Choose which people and groups can see it 

Define which groups or individuals can see your idea. You can search and select multiple people, entire groups or everyone.

Categorise your idea

Categories help your ideas to fall into smart, trackable groups and give context to every post. They’re controlled and set by your Organisation Admin and make it easier to search and filter ideas. You can assign ideas to one or multiple categories.

Drop your idea

Hit this button and your idea will drop into the feeds of everyone you’ve shared it with. Nice work!

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