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How do Idea Drop notifications work?
How do Idea Drop notifications work?
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Idea Drop makes it fast and simple to be alerted when other people interact with you and your ideas, to remain constantly in-tune with the innovation process. Notifications appear as an icon on the left-side of your profile picture located on the far right of the platform. The number of current unread notifications appears in red:

Upon clicking the notification icon, a summary of your current notifications appears. You can mark individual notifications as 'Read' or 'Unread', or 'Mark all as read' with a single click.

You can also see an expanded view of all your notifications on your Profile page, including a distinct list of all the times you have been @ mentioned by your colleagues.

Each notification clicks through to the the relevant idea or profile within Idea Drop, taking you straight to the content that matters.

Idea Drop automatically triggers notifications when:

  • Someone favourites, rates or comments on an idea you've dropped

  • Someone likes a comment you've posted, or one in which you've been tagged

  • The status of your idea changes

  • You are tagged in an idea or comment by someone else

  • You are followed by another person

  • You are added to a new group by an administrator

  • When an administrator approves a deletion request of an idea you've dropped

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