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How are ideas automatically ranked?
How are ideas automatically ranked?
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The aim of Idea Drop is to enable the best ideas to organically bubble to the surface, for the attention of mangers, team leaders and decision makers, who can quickly assess, review and make them a reality.

When there are hundreds, sometimes thousands of ideas being dropped into the system, it's vital that the hottest and most exciting ones rank higher up in your feed, for greater visibility and reach across your community.

Idea Drop automatically ranks and scores every idea in the background in real-time, based on a wide-ranging series of metrics and interactions. We track every action of every user in the system in order to feed this data into our computerised algorithms that ultimately determines how ideas rank.

This process has been systematically and extensively tested with small and large user groups and we have found it to be highly effective. However, we're always refining and improving how the system works, with the primary objective being that the best innovation should reach decision makers who can make it a reality quickly, resulting in tangible and measurable business and organisational improvements.

We'd love to hear how the system's working for you and ways we could make it better. 

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