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Editing and updating your profile
Editing and updating your profile
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Every user on Idea Drop's platform has a profile page. Your profile page puts all your activities in one central place and allows you to easily connect with your colleagues. 

Simply click on your profile image to reveal your personalised profile page, where you can: 

  • Find out which groups you’re a member of;

  • Browse through the latest activities, ideas and challenges as well as the list of people you follow on Idea Drop;  

  • See how many ideas you’ve submitted, how many ratings you’ve made, your all-time innovation score and more (all on the right-hand side of your profile page);

  • View the status of every idea you’ve submitted. This is a great way of keeping updated on how your ideas are progressing through the innovation pipeline towards implementation. 

To edit or change your profile picture, hover over your profile picture and click 'edit':

You can then crop or re-upload a new image by choosing 'browse', then 'upload'. The maximum file size for a profile picture is 1mb and your image must be a JPEG.

To edit your name and other details, hover over the text and click on the pen icon. Make your change and then click the tick to update:

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