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The Idea Drop platform enables Admins to export both User and Platform data reports to gain greater insight into their Organisation's overall innovation performance.

This is accessed by clicking on the "Reports" tab on the navigation menu. Note that this will only be visible to Admin users.

You are able to export three reports as from Idea Drop as CSV files:

  1. Ideas Report
    An export of all ideas in Idea Drop, with associated key data points. The identity of ‘cloaked’ idea authors remains anonymous.

  2. Ideas Report uncloaked
    An export of all ideas in Idea Drop, with associated key data points. The identity of ‘cloaked’ authors is revealed.

  3. Users Report
    An export of all signed-up users on Idea Drop, with key platform activity data.

How to do I run a report?

You can generate a new CSV by selecting the options at the top of the page, for example: "Run a new Ideas Report". You will see your request appear in the data set below with a "Generating CSV" status. Refresh the list to see if your download is ready.

NOTE: If you are working with large data sets, it can take several minutes for your CSV to become ready for download.

You can also download the last 50 reports generated by you or your colleagues. If any of those data are recent enough for your use case, then they're available immediately and you don't need to generate a new CSV.

What questions can this data help you answer?

  • How have user signups varied over time? Do spikes correspond to your internal communications activities?

  • When was the last time each user logged in? How can I encourage them to log in again or more often?

  • Which users @mention their colleagues the most? How can I impact the way our users interact and collaborate with each other?

  • How many ratings and likes has each user posted? How can I educate them about the benefits of rating more ideas?

  • How many ideas have been associated with challenges and what are the common trends across the company?

  • How long has an idea been in its current pipeline stage and how can I impact its progression towards being actioned?

  • What is the average rating of an idea? How many times was it rated? How does it compare to other highly rated ideas?

  • Which idea has generated the most comments and how can I reward a user who has posted an idea that received the most engagement?

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