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Setting the style and frequency of automatic email alerts
Setting the style and frequency of automatic email alerts
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Idea Drop can send you two types of email:

Here's What You've Missed – A summary of unread notifications since the last email was sent.

Highlights from Idea Drop – A brief, curated summary of the hottest and most exciting ideas dropped to your community since the last email was sent.

To control your own notification settings visit the ‘email notifications’ section

From this page, there is an Emails section from which you can set the frequency of the emails, or turn them off altogether.

Daily emails are triggered at 5pm GMT each day and weekly update emails will arrive every Friday.

If you are an administrator of your Idea Drop organisation, you can also set and control the style and frequency of emails that are sent to your users. You can manage and control the frequency of these emails via the ‘notifications’ settings in the ‘admin settings’. Once on the ‘notifications’ section the admin can control email settings in the section titled 'Global Email Settings'.

When you update your settings globally for your organisation, they override all your users' individual settings that may exist. However, if your users subsequently adjust them individually after this, the user's preferences are the ones that are used, until you update the global settings again.

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