To add new users to your Idea Drop organisation, head to the 'settings' section from the left navigation panel:

On the settings page, you can then hit 'add manually' to add new users one-by-one. You'll just need to add their name, email address and job title. You can also assign users to groups (all users will belong to your organisation's default group) and can assign admin privileges. When you hit 'save changes', we'll send your users an email activation link, which they'll just need to click and add a new password before joining your organisation's Idea Drop account:

You can also bulk-upload users via .CSV upload. In this instance, just ensure your headings in the .CSV are configured as shown in the below test file:

Once you've imported or added new users, you can edit, deactivate or delete them at any point via the same 'settings' page.

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