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Enhanced notifications, @ mentions, comments and more!
Enhanced notifications, @ mentions, comments and more!

Here are some of the latest updates you should know about

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Enhanced notifications keep you up to date with the latest ideas

Notifications keep you updated with all the latest activities on the platform, and now we've made the notifications tray even simpler to use.

You can now mark individual notifications as 'Read' or 'Unread', or 'Mark all as read' with a single click.

We've also added an expanded view of all your notifications to the Profile page, including a distinct list of all the times you have been @ mentioned by your colleagues.

Collaborate with your colleagues by @ mentioning them

@ mentioning someone in a comment is a great way to improve collaboration across departments and ensure you get your ideas in front of the right people.

With our improved search function you can easily find your colleagues’ names even if you make a typo. We've also improved the way you can search for popular names in large organisations - you can find them by their first, middle and/or last name.

Find out more how to tag other people in ideas and comments.

SSO users can sign up on Idea Drop via mobile in seconds

Moments of inspiration can happen anywhere, at any time. That’s why so many of our users choose to access Idea Drop via the mobile app.

To make things even easier for SSO users, you no longer have to sign up via your desktop in order to access the app. Simply download the app on Apple or Google Play, sign up and start dropping ideas straight away.

Download the Idea Drop app!

Editing and deleting your own comments

Commenting on ideas is a great way to help ideators to improve their ideas by sharing insights and resources that can help those ideas to develop.

However, we all sometimes need to fix small typos or remove repetitive comments. So good news, from now on, all users can edit and delete their own comments.

Admin users can still delete any comments on the platform.

If you have any questions about our latest product updates or have an idea for a future one, please contact We would love to hear from you!

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