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Templates for bulletins
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Celebrating the women on your Innovation Leaderboard on International Women’s Day

Title: Celebrating our top female innovators!

[Company name] is passionate about innovation and it wouldn’t be possible without all of your input. Today, on International Women’s Day, we would like to take this opportunity to celebrate our female innovators! We couldn’t be happier to see [Insert names] on our Innovation Leaderboard. Your ideas and engagement with our innovation programme mean the world to us. Happy Women’s Day!

Number of ideas submitted in 2020

Title: What a great year it’s been!

Thank you to everyone for participating and contributing with your ideas, comments, favourites and ratings. This year, we managed collaboratively to come up with [xxx] ideas. Imagine how many ideas we’ll have generated and implemented by this time next year!

Let’s keep coming up with great ideas!

Innovation leader

Title: Our Innovation Leader of the month!

It’s wonderful to see you all actively participating on Idea Drop! Well done to everyone and keep up the good work! [Insert name] performed particularly well this month, and we’d like to congratulate [insert first name] for being top of the Innovation Leaderboard!

Can you top [insert name]’s score next month?

Congrats to our Top Innovator of the year!

And the award for the Top Innovator in 2020 goes to [insert person name]! [First name] has reached an all time high innovation score this year of [insert number]. Well done and keep up the good work! Your ideas and interactions on the platform mean a world for us.

Suggested attachment: top innovator image

Thank you for innovating with us!

For us as a company, innovation is more than just actioned ideas — it’s also all of you actively engaging and participating in our innovation initiative by commenting, favouriting and rating ideas. We couldn’t be happier to see that we have a great crowd of motivated people who all want to find solutions to problems and ways to improve [insert company name] to make it an even better place to work!

Suggested attachment: Engagement stats visual

CEO quote

We want innovation to be an ongoing initiative at [company]. I’m delighted to see that within the first few weeks of launching, we’ve had [number of ideas] good reasons to have adopted Idea Drop. I’m confident that it’s going to be a key component in improving our engagement, productivity and overall efficiency. I’m particularly delighted that it empowers everyone at [company] to be part of the process of change and progress, regardless of their position or seniority.

Suggested attachment: [image of the CEO]

Person with the most ideas dropped

It’s been a year of many unforeseen challenges. We’re beyond grateful for all your ideas as they’ve helped us to navigate these difficult times and will help us to come out of this period stronger than ever before. A special shout out goes to [insert name] as he/she has contributed [xxx number of ideas] this year. Thanks for your great ideas! Any volunteers to try and beat this record next year?!

Person who made the most comments, ratings and favourites

Innovation is not only about ideas – people who contribute, comment, rate and favourite others ideas are the ones who help us to identify which ideas to move forward and sometimes even how to make them a reality. So a huge thanks to [insert person name] as he/she is a great example of how to collaborate with ideas on Idea Drop. Thanks for your [x comments, ratings, favourites].

Suggested attachment: [image of the person with the most comments]

All time best innovation score

And the award for the Top Innovator in 2020 goes to [insert person name]! He/She has reached an all-time high innovation score this year of [insert number]. Well done and keep up the good work! Your ideas and interactions on the platform mean the world to us.

Idea with the most comments

Thank you all for your amazing ideas this year! One idea in particular almost broke the internet! Well maybe it didn’t, but it sparked a great discussion among all of us – we counted xxx comments underneath it. Thanks [insert name] for posting a great idea! It’s currently in [stage] and we’re looking forward to seeing it progress further!

Idea with the highest score

Idea Score is a great way for us to see which ideas are the most loved on the platform. In 2020, we’ve seen so many great ideas but one in particular has reached the highest idea score of [insert number]. This idea was submitted by [insert name] and is about [insert summary of an idea]. It’s currently in the [stage] and we can’t wait to see it progress further.

Idea implemented

Congratulations to [insert name] whose idea [insert idea] has been implemented this year. We’re already seeing the results, as we’re now able to [insert the impact].

Suggested attachment: [Photo with idea author]

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