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How to set up Microsoft Teams and Idea Drop integration
How to set up Microsoft Teams and Idea Drop integration
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When you post a challenge on Idea Drop, you can let your employees know about it by automatically broadcasting a message to a Microsoft Teams channel.

Broadcasting your challenge can increase its visibility, engage more of your employees, and most importantly, generate more ideas.

How do I set up the Microsoft Teams integration?

Step-by-step video tutorial

Step-by-step written guide

  1. You will need admin rights on Microsoft Teams and on Idea Drop in order to set up the integration

  2. Open Microsoft Teams and navigate to the channel you want to share Idea Drop Challenges to

  3. Click on the channel menu (...) and select "Connectors"

  4. Search for "Incoming Webhook" and then click "Configure"

  5. Add a name for the Webhook, "Idea Drop"

  6. Add the Idea Drop logo as the 'Profile Image' for the Webhook***


    ***Don't skip this step as you may not be able to set the logo after you have completed the setup.

  7. Click "Create"

  8. Copy the Webhook URL

  9. Paste the URL in the Microsoft Teams Webhook box

  10. Click "Enable Webhook"

And you're done!

The Microsoft Teams integration button will now appear for all admins in the 'Drop a Challenge' window. Simply select it and you will automatically broadcast the challenge to the chosen channel in Microsoft Teams.

If you still need help setting up this integration, please contact

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