What is a Public Challenge?

It is possible to open a challenge on Idea Drop to submissions from outside your organisation. Admin users can generate a public facing challenge page, with an idea capture form that pulls external ideas into your Idea Drop platform.

What sort of challenges should I open to the public?

This is completely up to you! But our community is using it for:

  • Sourcing new product ideas from customers

  • Capturing suggested improvements to existing products

  • Measuring geographical demand for services

  • Listening to external stakeholder community priorities

  • Identifying efficiency improvement opportunities with suppliers

  • Co-creating content with their audience

  • Validating operational change plans with end-users

What happens to ideas dropped via a public challenge?

When someone drops an idea on your public challenge page, the idea will be displayed on this public page, but will also be pulled into your Idea Drop platform.

Who can see the public challenge page?

The page is visible to anybody who has the URL link. When deciding which challenges to open to the public, it is important to consider the type of information you are sharing.

🤫 Sneak peak #1: In later releases, you will be able to control public challenge visibility, including opening it up just for specific people, invited via email.

Can I contact idea authors if they are not our employees?

Yes. Although the ideas will display in the app under a default "Open Innovation" author, admin users can download the public challenge report to see the contact details of the true author.

What happens if an employee drops an idea to the public page?

Employees will have the same experience as anybody else dropping an idea. Their idea will appear in the feed on the public page, and it will also be pulled into Idea Drop under an anonymous "Open Innovation" author.

🤫 Sneak peak #2: In later releases, the public page will recognise that an employee is using the page and connect their idea to their full Idea Drop user profile.

Can I use a single challenge to collect ideas from both employees and the public?

Yes! When you post a challenge on Idea Drop, your internal users can drop ideas from within the platform as normal. You can then choose to open the challenge to the public, and see internally and externally sourced solutions side by side.

Can I hide the feed of ideas on the public challenge page?

The idea newsfeed makes your public challenge a lot more interesting for visitors. It is not currently possible to hide the feed on the public challenge page.

🤫 Sneak peak #3: In the next update, you will have the ability to toggle on/off the feed of ideas.

Can I delete public ideas?

Yes. You can delete public ideas within the Idea Drop platform in the same way as any other internal idea. Admin users can click the (...) menu icon on an idea, and choose to delete it. This will also stop the idea being displayed on the public challenge page.

How can I report abuse?

You can report abuse to the relevant person within your organisation, or via support@ideadrop.co.

I still have questions about Open Innovation...

Please get in touch via chat, or email us at support@ideadrop.co.

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