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Keep all your stakeholders in sync with the new “Assign User” feature
Keep all your stakeholders in sync with the new “Assign User” feature

From now on, you can provide even more clarity and transparency by assigning ideas to the right users at the right time.

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Keeping your stakeholders in sync and moving ideas forward are key when it comes to successful innovation programmes. And now, with so many of us working remotely, keeping everyone aligned and informed about the progress of ideas becomes even more important.

However, the responsibility of moving an idea forward shifts as it moves through the different stages of implementation. The person who came up with an idea will not necessarily be the one who is going to progress it from start to finish.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our new Assign User feature, which enables you to easily assign an idea to any user on the Idea Drop platform. Assigning users to ideas as implementation progresses gives each idea’s author full transparency about who is taking their idea forward as well as giving clarity to the assignee responsible for moving the idea through the Pipeline. This keeps everyone fully informed about the progress of ideas—without scheduling offline meetings or writing emails. Simply assign an idea to a user on the Idea Drop platform in just a few clicks and keep everyone informed about their responsibilities. At a time when many teams are working remotely, full transparency and knowing who is responsible for what is key to success.

Assign ideas to the right users at the right time

All admins and moderators on the Idea Drop platform get a completely new Assign User feature to increase transparency and clarity in the idea management process. This feature allows them to easily assign an idea to any user who is signed up to Idea Drop.

Admins and moderators can search for users by name and select the right one from the dropdown list. The Assignee will be notified immediately about their newly assigned idea via notification as well as email. To keep all stakeholders in sync, Idea Drop will send a real-time notification and an email to idea authors too, informing them who is responsible for progressing their idea.

Reassigning ideas to a different user is just as simple. Simply choose a new user from the dropdown list or unassign the idea completely.

Full transparency on idea assignees

  • Via reports

Admins and moderators can view all the information about ideas and their assignees in one centralised place simply by downloading Idea and Uncloaked Idea reports.

  • Via idea cards

Users on Idea Drop can check the assignees in the expanded idea card. This information is visible to everyone on Idea Drop and can be accessed by clicking on the idea in your news feed.

  • Via user profiles

Idea Drop consolidates all the data about assigned ideas in one place on your profile page. Simply navigate to the Assigned Ideas tab and review which ideas you are assigned to.

Coming soon…

  • Our team will be introducing Assign User functionality on the Pipeline.

  • Next, keep an eye out for the Search and Filtering functionality by idea assignee on your news feed.

  • And last but not least, very soon you will be able to assign multiple users to an idea!

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