Reviewing and discussing ideas with your colleagues is an essential part of every innovation workflow, especially when teams are working remotely. However, not everything is suitable for putting in a comment straight away and sometimes you need to consult with your team before providing public feedback to the idea’s author or progressing an idea to the next stage of the Pipeline.

From now on, there is no need to take your conversations offline, write emails, send messages or get together on Zoom to discuss crowdsourced ideas. You can now leave a “Note” that is visible only to other admins and moderators, which means you can keep all your communication in one place, right here on the Idea Drop platform to ensure seamless idea progression through the Pipeline. It also means even more transparency and improved visibility on the discussions taking place related to each idea.

How does Notes functionality work?

Notes functionality works in exactly the same way as Comments, but the notes are visible only to other admins and moderators on Idea Drop.

So if you want to share the next steps in progressing an idea further or some sensitive information related to an idea but you don't want this to be visible to all users, choose to leave a Note instead of a Comment.

You can @mention other admins and moderators when you need to draw their immediate attention to the topic or when you want to get opinions or advice on the idea.

Notes are also a great way to ask for your colleagues’ advice on the best way to respond to an idea’s author or structure your feedback or to discuss who's best placed to take an idea forward so that you can assign the idea without delay.

Regular users are not able to leave or see notes attached to ideas.

How to leave a Note?

To write a private note visible only to other admins and moderators, switch the toggle to 'Notes' above the text input box next to your profile image, as it is set to 'Comment' by default. Type in your private note and hit 'Enter' to send it.

A private note to admins and moderators will be displayed underneath the idea in the feed among all other interactions with the idea.

You can filter out the feed underneath the idea to see only Notes, Comments, Favourites or ratings by clicking on 'Filter by' in the right-hand corner above the feed of interactions. You can remove the filtered view simply by clicking on the cross next to it.

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