As your innovation programme grows, you may have to manage hundreds or even thousands of ideas across various different groups and categories. To manage ideas at scale you need to be able to easily find what you’re looking for in seconds.

With this latest release, we’ve made it easier and quicker than ever to find specific ideas in Pipeline using keyword search and filters.

What’s new?

“All groups” is the default group in Pipeline

By default, the Pipeline is now set to show ideas from “All groups” you are a member of. This means that you don’t have to toggle between groups to see all the ideas.

You still have the option to filter the Pipeline by specific groups, if for example you want to see all ideas within a "Marketing" group.

You must be a member of the group that contains the idea you’re searching for in the Pipeline.

Keyword search in Pipeline

You can now search by keywords in Pipeline. If your search term is contained within an idea title or description, it will appear in the results.

Want to see all the ideas related to ‘customer support’? Type the keyword ‘customer support’ into the search bar and hit enter to see the results.

Challenge filter in Pipeline

Want to see how ideas related to a specific Challenge are progressing through Pipeline? Easy - select the Challenge using the new filter and the Pipeline will only show ideas linked to that Challenge.

You can also easily view all the ideas that were submitted without a Challenge by filtering by ‘Not linked to Challenge’.

Author filter in Pipeline

Want to find out which stage in the Pipeline you or your colleagues' ideas are at? Simply use the author filter to see specific users' ideas.

Curious about the number of cloaked ideas and where they sit in the Pipeline? Filter by ‘Cloaked’ author.

Assignee filter in Pipeline

Want to see all the ideas assigned to you? No problem - select your name in the assignee filter. You also have the option to filter by ‘unassigned’ to see the ideas that still need to be assigned to users that will take them through the Pipeline.

Idea count for total number of ideas in each Pipeline lane

You can now see the total number of ideas in each stage of your Pipeline. The count will change and update based on the filters that you have selected.

One more exciting update: ‘Open in Pipeline’ button

When browsing through ideas in your news feed, you can also quickly navigate to and open the exact same idea card but in the Pipeline view by clicking on the ‘Open in Pipeline’ button on the expanded idea card view.

What about all the ideas submitted to a Challenge? Simply open up a Challenge card in your news feed, click the ‘Open in Pipeline’ button and you’ll see a pipeline view filtered to only show the ideas linked to that Challenge.

Other improvements:

  • Ideas where the author has been deleted are now shown in the Pipeline.

  • Surfacing author / assignee now works correctly.

  • Speed improvements that make it faster to load lanes.

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