Often, quality wins over quantity. Your innovation funnel is no exception. Pouring as many ideas as possible into it is great as it means a higher chance of capturing those one or two great ideas that can be actioned to positively impact your organisation. But what if you could also control the quality of ideas entering your innovation funnel rather than leaving it to chance? That would mean less noise and more impactful ideas for you to review.

To help you start receiving only the highest-quality ideas in your idea funnel, we’ve created a new feature in Idea Drop called “Idea Templates”, which enables you to ask specific questions using Custom Fields when the idea author submits an idea.

Idea Templates allow you to control the way ideas are submitted

How many times have you received an idea that sounded good but that missed some key information to enable you to make an informed decision? That necessitates going back and forth with the idea’s author to obtain everything you need for a proper review.

On the other hand, imagine how many great ideas have been lost or rejected because the idea’s author didn’t know how to properly structure the idea and what information to include, so they simply presented a stripped-down idea that lacked the key information needed for it to progress through your Idea Pipeline.

With that in mind (and in response to many client requests), we’re super proud to introduce you to “Idea Templates” - a fully customisable way to crowdsource ideas and the relevant information about those ideas. From now on, you, as an admin on Idea Drop, can pose a list of questions (Idea Templates) about an idea, rather than simply asking for a title and a description. This gives you full control over how you want to receive new ideas and what information is important for reviewing it properly without going back and forth with idea authors.

Idea Template gives clarity and structure to ideators about how to present their ideas, to maximise the chance of their ideas being actioned. In this way, the idea’s author is able to make an early business case and benefits from greater transparency over what managers are looking for in terms of new ideas and projects.

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