We are super excited to introduce to you our latest update to the admin settings panel that is going to make it easier than ever to set up and manage Idea Drop as an Admin user.

Keep reading to find out more about the latest updates to your admins settings panel.

General Settings

Navigate to your general settings tab to update the key info about your organisation, its name (this name is also going to be used for the default group which all users are a member of) and upload your logo. You can also update your idea and other content settings such as idea character count and idea rating guidance.

How to update my organisation settings?

How to update idea settings?

How character count works?

What is idea rating guidance and how to use it?

Invite & Manage Users

It is now easier than ever to invite users to join Idea Drop, see the active ones as well as resend the invitations to users who haven't joined Idea Drop yet. You can add users manually or upload them via CSV upload.

How to add and manage users?

How to assign and manage admins?

Groups & Categories

Here's where you can create, edit and delete groups. You can now see categories in each group in one centralised space as well as people who are part of those groups.

How to create and assign users to groups?

What are categories?

How to create, edit and delete categories?


Navigate to the pipeline tab to see all your pipeline statuses and create new ones. You can change the order of them, edit names or delete the ones that are no longer needed.

How to add and manage Pipeline stages?

  • Add new statuses

  • Rename existing statuses

  • Change the order of statuses

  • Delete statuses that are no longer being used.

    • You can only delete statuses that do not have any ideas currently in that status.


Email notifications are a big part of Idea Drop's communication strategy that allow your users to stay up to date with the latest news on the platform in real-time. However you can also set these notifications to be sent out on your preferred frequency. Simply navigate to 'Notifications' section and adjust them to your own organisation's needs.

How to set the style and frequency of automatic email alerts?

Coming Soon

Bulk actions

Apply a single action to multiple users at once. Need to deactivate several accounts? Simply check the boxes next to their names, then use the bulk action menu to apply this change.

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