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A guide to adding users to your Idea Drop platform from a CSV file

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This article is your guide to bulk adding new users to your organisation's Idea Drop platform via the ‘CSV upload’ option. If you only want to add a few users, it might be easier to use the ‘single user’ option instead.

To get started please navigate to the 'Invite & Manage Users' section in the 'Admin Settings' page on your Idea Drop platform. Then choose the 'Upload CSV' option from the 'Invite Users' button in the top right corner of the screen.

Before you start

Before you start adding users to your platform you will need to collect some information about each user to be added. To make the data collection process easier we recommend you download the prepared CSV template at the start of the ‘CSV upload’ wizard using the ‘download template’ button.

The template has all the columns you need and an example row to get you started. The example rows includes your platforms' group names which are required to add users to groups on the platform. Therefore, do not delete the example row until you have completed the groups column of your CSV.

Required Fields are

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email

Optional Fields are

  • Job Title

  • Location (i.e office/country/department)

  • Role (user/moderator or admin rights on Idea Drop)

  • Groups (all users are added to the default ‘everyone’ group)

Fill out the template CSV file with all the data for all the users you want to upload to the platform.

Changing a users role

In the role column please add a ‘moderator’ in any row you want to be moderator and an ‘admin’ for any user you want to have administrator privileges. In all other rows please use the default ‘user’.

Choosing the groups

All users are added to the ‘everyone’ group on your platform. Individuals can be added into extra groups if you have created them. In the groups column please add the names of all the groups you want users to be added to separated by a semi-colon ( ; ).

For example if you had three groups on your platform alongside the everyone group

  • Marketing

  • Operations

  • Manufacturing

And you wanted to add the user to marketing and operations groups then in the groups column you would write.


To help with this process we have included all the group names for your platform in the example row in the CSV template.

Once you have prepared your data, upload the CSV.

Once uploaded you will then match the fields on your CSV upload with the Idea Drop fields. If you have used our template then the column names are matched automatically. If you have used an alternative data source please match your ‘CSV field’ with the ‘Idea Drop Field’ using the dropdown.

The next screen shows you the data you have entered and allows you to view any rows that are errors under the 'errors' tab. You can continue with only the valid entries or fix the errors and then re-upload the spreadsheet at the beginning to continue.

Once you continue with the valid entries. You can choose to invite all users to the platform now or manually invite them to the platform at a later stage from the invited user table.

Once you have chosen your invite status you will be able to continue and finish the invitation process. Please close the wizard.

Inviting your users manually

If you have chosen to invite users later please navigate to the 'invited' user tab in the 'Invite & Manage Users' section. You can either invite them all via the ‘Reinvite All Users’ option or manually choose which users to invite on a user by user basis and use the ‘resend invite option’

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